Cosmetica Cosmetology and Barbering Unilateral Apprenticeship Committee is a non profit organization. You only have to contribute a single administration fee on each class attended, to cover for operation costs.

Apprentice Admin. Fees                         $40.00 per class.


As described on other documents, in order to be accepted on the apprenticeship program, you have to study a pre-apprenticeship, as required by the BBC, where you learn the basics that the state requieres prior to have an apprentice license. This course can be provided to you by our sponsor, Cosmetica Latina. Please visit their site to have information about that course.

Cosmetica Latina

It is also required that you, your trainer(s) and you employer or establishment owner join the Southern California Cosmetology and Barbering Employers Association (SCCBEA). They offer multiple advantages to registered members.  Please visit their site to obtain more details.


Regarding study materials, equipment kits and books, each one are described in the corresponding web site.


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